Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Days to Building Self-Discipline - Day 0

I started reading a book about building self-discipline because that is something that I have struggled with for a long time. After reading a few pages of Self-Discipline in 10 days: How To Go From Thinking to Doing by Theodore Bryant, and reading about the Mr. Hyde in me, I was inspired to change my desktop to something that will bring productivity, efficiency, and motivation in my work. 

From doing some light research, cool colors, like blue and green, bring a soothing environment that helps you stay focused and be productive while warm colors like red and orange, bring creativity but also anxiety so I kept the warm colors on the more low key range. I love the tree stencils on desktops because it reminds me of growth, serenity, and opportunity so I chose a very cute and stumpy tree shape with colorful buds with miniature flowers sprouting for my desktop. I downloaded a set of brushes from DeviantArt and it's a really cute set by ploop26

Finally, the book I am reading says to practice positive self-talk and before I read this book I had the words "BE PRODUCTIVE" in white on a blocky font with a black background on my desktop but in the spirit of practicing positive self-talk in the present tense, it now reads "I AM PRODUCTIVE" and it looks a lot more refreshing. Apparently dark colors, like black, can bring emotions like depression so I am very glad that I changed my desktop :)  

On top of that, I downloaded the free software "Fences" to keep my desktop organized, clutter-free, and completely clear of folders by just double-clicking. 

Today has been a very productive day indeed!  

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