Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finding Productivity and Avoiding Procrastination

So it's been over a year since I last posted and the whole Nikon camera, well, the camera has been collecting dust in the closet to say the least. I have been trying to overcome my lack of motivation for all things productive through Facebook, YouTube, browsing through a bunch of cute/funny pictures and videos on multiple sites, and I am not any closer to finding that sweet spot of productivity, just like how it was while I was still employed and it has been a year and half since I quit my public accounting job, or slave position at a Big Four.

Why is it that we are so accustomed to be told what to do and follow a structure that has been set by somebody else? I am exceptionally good at telling people what they are missing in their routines to make their lives more fulfilling and productive but when it comes to becoming self-aware and reflecting on my own laziness, it is such a challenge OR avoidance seems to be a much easier route. 

I am missing that passion in pursuing something because I just don't know where to look and start. I admire all my close friends who are so passionate about something, like music, medicine, classic civilization, and managing. I am so proud of them and I feel left behind and wish I had something to give it my all to. I lack the consistency and dedication that a hobby requires but I have to start somewhere with baby steps. So no more Nikon camera and now I shall embark on a 30 day mission to becoming self aware and sticking to something for 30 days, so hello again blogspot :)

PS: On a good note, I have been sticking to the amazing Brazilian Buttlift workout for a week and I believe there is a slight lift on my non-existing booty and I have a long to go but I am determined to stick to it for a month! I have Belize to look forward to!

Here are my pictures pre-workout from back in November 2011. I will be taking new pictures and measuring again this week! And FYI, my goal is weight 105-110 lbs, so don't think I'm a crazy anorexic girl, just trying to get healthy and toned :)


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